Dose recommandée vs Dose thérapeutique

Recommended Dose vs Therapeutic Dose

I will try to explain to you the difference between the therapeutic dose and the Health Canada recommended dose in a simple way.

Health Canada's recommended dose is the amount of vitamins and minerals we should consume each day to keep our bodies healthy.

This is an amount that is considered sufficient for most people.

However, in some situations it may be helpful to take a higher dose of vitamins or minerals to help the body function properly or to restore certain nutritional levels. This higher dose is called the therapeutic dose.

For example, riboflavin (also known as vitamin B2) has a recommended dose of 1.1 mg per day. But to help with migraines or to support a gene slows, a higher dose can be taken safely.

However, it is important to note that taking a higher dose of a vitamin or mineral does not always mean it is better for the body. The therapeutic dose should be taken with caution and only on the advice of a qualified healthcare professional.

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